EST. 1974 • Member PPFA

Bob’s abstract paintings, heavily textured with multi-layers of color, make a stunning visual impact on your open contemporary or mid-century modern living space. Bold layers of color, texture and shape are a hallmark of Bob’s paintings.

In his own words. . . “Layering not only makes a strong statement, it builds character and allows me to tell my artist’s story.  Each layer is like turning from one good book chapter to the next.”

We invite you to stop by and experience Bob’s vibrant abstract style in person. . . the photos shown here just don’t capture the true depth and character of his work.

See more on Instagram @Robert_K_Lynn.



or visit us at The Frame Shop to see more of his whimsical work!

Local Artist

Paul Manktelow

Featured Local Artist

Wes Lee

The Frame Shop gallery offers an eclectic selection of art for sale in its gallery.  Originally known primarily for its western art, including signed and numbered limited editions by well-known artists such as J. F. Policky, Bev Doolittle, Jack Terry and David Stocklein, more recently the gallery is home to more and more local and regional artists.  While western art will always be represented, The Frame Shop gallery is committed to increasing its focus on local art.  Our current offerings include limited and open editions by Elizabeth Carmel, Linda Dufurrena, Roy Powers, Lady Jill Mueller, Chris Talbot, Barb Kallestad, Dave Guisti, Kazue Kurebayashi and more. We even have two oversize original performance paintings of Jimi Hendrix and Ray Charles by world-renowned Rock & Roll Hall of Famer David Garibaldi.

For our local history buffs, we have a collection of black and white vintage Reno photographic prints dating from the 1930’s and 1940’s, as well as several authentic historic Nevada maps dating from the 1800’s and 1900’s. Our selection varies, so feel free to stop by often.


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Wes Lee’s pieces are an exploration of within and without imagination. He began an expedition on an uncharted island and started documenting what he saw. Whether it be a seemingly barren landscape, or the forms of tentacles reaching up from the deep, this island held many secrets. Lee’s works serve as a field journal, and as he began to dive deeper into the mysteries of this space, he realized that his adventure was not an external experience at all, but these scenes served as a metaphor for his own personal existence! Each piece, through a variety of techniques ranging from printmaking to acrylic and charcoal, tells a deeply personal story with relatable and illustrative iconography. Lee’s pieces through ambiguous shapes and bold color pairing create splendors for the eye, and we are thrilled to be showcasing the adventurous work of Wes Lee in The Frame Shop at Lakeside’s Art Gallery!